App submission process

Note: Before submitting an app in the Freshcaller developer portal, ensure to sign up for a Freshcaller account.

Apps are classified into the following types:

  • Freshworks App: These apps extend the functionalities of the Freshcaller User portal and are built using the Freshworks CLI. A Freshworks app is installed from the Freshworks Marketplace. For information on how to submit a Freshworks app, see Freshwork Apps.
  • Custom App: These apps address specific customer requirements and are available only to that customer. A custom app is not subject to review; it is available for installation as soon as it is submitted and published. The app submission process for Custom apps includes provisions to test multiple versions of an app in a production environment. After testing, you can choose to publish the most appropriate app version to app users. For information on how to test the app versions and submit a Custom app, see Custom Apps.
  • External App: These apps use the Freshcaller methods and integrate the Freshcaller functionalities with a third-party product. An External App is listed in the Freshworks Marketplace but is installed from the third-party’s URL. For information on how to submit an External app, see External Apps.